Thanks for visiting my humble webpage. Yes it is very simplistic and yes it is meant to be. I have very little time or desire to maintain a sexy web-presence. Besides text-based retro consoles are cool.

About Me
I work as a full-time software engineer, but in my spare time I support Windows and Windows Phone by building games and applications. My buddy and I compete in software and hardware hacking contests and I mess around with different hardware all the time. You can check out the different projects I have made by clicking on any of the links to the right under the heading "Hacking Projects". In addition, I have a passion for programming languages, and you can see the ways I use them by clicking on the link on the right under the "Programming" heading. All the rest of my time is spent enjoying the location where I live with my wife and 3 children.

You can find me on Twitter as @CodeWarriorMalo

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    My YouTube Channel where I play games and code:  CHECK IT OUT
    Great Site With Information About Windows 8 Games:  CHECK IT OUT
    My favorite Developer's Conference held in Knoxville, TN:  CHECK IT OUT
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Hacking Projects
Raspberry Pi Hacking
mbed Microcontroller Hacking
Arduino Hacking

Windows 8 Apps

    The Drum Kit Synthesizer:  GET IT HERE 

    A New Take On Simon:  GET IT HERE  Privacy Statement

Virtual Power Cards - Cleric,  Fighter,  Paladin 
    D&D 4e Power Card Deck: 

Buried Treasure
    Multi-Player Card Game:  ON HOLD

CodeWarriorMalo's Retro Handheld Games
    Football, Baseball, Basketball, Space Alert, and Others:  IN DESIGN PHASE Privacy Statement

Windows Phone 8 Apps

Virtual Power Cards - Cleric,  Fighter,  Paladin 
    D&D 4e Power Card Deck: 

CodeWarriorMalo's Retro Football
    Two-Player Handheld Throwback:  GET IT HERE 

Deep Space Miner
    Idle Space Mining Game:  GET IT HERE 

CodeWarriorMalo's Poemenator
    Soundboard:  GET IT HERE

CodeWarriorMalo's Text Adventures
    Modular "Choose Your Own Adventure" Style Stories:  GET IT HERE  MODULES 

Windows Desktop Apps

Dungeon Master's Helper
    For Running 4th Edition D&D Games:  GET IT HERE

Virtual Power Card Editor
    For Editing Your Virtual Power Cards:  GET IT HERE