My Hackathon buddy and I decided to purchase a pair of Raspberry Pi computers to use during our next event. I have already started to really get into it. I had some difficulties and some triumphs and thought I might share them with the world. So, here starts some Raspberry Pi information that I hope others find useful.

If you are not familiar with the Raspberry Pi, it is a small form-factor computer that runs Linux. The flavor I am running is called Raspberian, as it is based on Debian Linux. The Raspberry Pi comes in several models. I purchased the model B+ from and it came with a bunch of stuff. I also purchased a touch-screen, but it has yet to arrive. In preparation of that screen, however, I got a slimmer case. To learn all about the Raspberry Pi, all you have to do is go to their website. There is also a really good beginners book that is amazing.

VNC Problems
Tontec PiTFT

Ok, so after I was able to make the GPIO port light up a LED, and read a button push, I immediately started to make a simple game:   Reaction Time Game
I then expanded it to include two pair of buttons and lights so that it could be a competitive game:  vs Reaction Game
I messed around with Minecraft Pi for awhile, then went to work on the next game: 
Simone Game
Robotics with Raspberry Pi